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Digital Literature       

If you require a printed catalogue, please contact us directly and we'll gladly send you one. 

However, please help us save the environment by considering to download a digital version instead. 

Below we have all product catalogues and fliers available in pdf. 




Product Catalogues & Line Card:

(Click image to download in pdf format)


Cosel 2020-2021 Main Catalogue        Cosel Short Form Catalogue                    Cosel Company Line Card

2020 2021 Full Catalogue Max Quality         2020 2021 Short Form Catalogue (2)         Line Card        


Product Fliers:

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KHKL Flier        AME Flier       DC DC Flier      

GHA Flier         Medical Flier        PCA Flier      

PLA PJA Flier         TUHS Flier        TUNS XS Flier