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Digital Literature       

If you require a printed catalogue, please contact us directly and we'll gladly send you one. 

However, please help us save the environment by considering to download a digital version instead. 

Below we have all product catalogues and fliers available in pdf. 




Product Catalogues & Line Card:

(Click image to download in pdf format)


Cosel 2019 Full Main Catalogue           Cosel Short Form Catalogue                    Cosel Company Line Card

2019 Main Catalogue        2018 2019 Short Form Catalogue        Line Card        

Product Fliers:

(Click image to download in pdf format)

KHKL Flier        AME Flier       DC DC Flier      

GHA Flier         Medical Flier        PCA Flier      

PLA PJA Flier         TUHS Flier        TUNS XS Flier  


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