The Powerbox Group is one of Cosel Group compnay. The company was acquired by Cosel in 2018 and has many years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing custom power supply solutions for various industries and applications. Below is an overview to what we can offer:

  • Over 80 years experience in developing custom power supply solutions. 
  • All design is undertaken in-house in one of our European design centres located in Germany, Sweden or Netherlands. 
  • Manufacturing is carried out in-house or through approved contract manufacturing partners in Europe or China (depending on technology & quantity).
  • We can offer a mix of High Volume/Simple Function or Low Volume/Complex Solution. 
  • Custom solutions can be for any application across any industry including Industrial, Medical, Aerospace, Defence, Rail, Marine and so on. 
  • We operate a flexible approach when it comes to MOQ's, NRE charges and Annual Quantities, the decision usually being made on the complexity of the design. 




There are 3 main types of custom solutions which we categorise:

Discreet Solutions
These type of solutions are usually used in Industrial, Medical, Railway and Defence industries and we can offer solutions up to 2000W in AC-DC and up to 1200W in DC-DC with up to 800V output voltage. 

Modular Designs
These solutions are based on standard products but with additional functionality such as filtering, mechanical design, multiple outputs etc. They offer a much faster turn around time, lower NRE charges and lower MOQ's. Essentially, we look to adapt a standard solution to meet your technical needs whatever they may be and if technically possible and can also be known as a VAR (Value Add) solution. 

System Designs
System designs are of a much higher complexity and include solutions such as 19" racks, Redundant Systems, Battery Back Up Solutions and so on. 


CD Solution Examples



In the first instance, please contact Cosel Europe to discuss your technical requirements. The fastest way is to email us on techsupport@coseleurope.eu which is monitored by European Field Application Engineers. They will discuss your requirements with you and also determine if any of our standard solutions meet your technical demands. 

If our standard solutions do not fit, they will discuss with the Engineering Team who will look at the requirement and determine its feasibility based on:

  1. The technical specification. 
  2. The application.
  3. Any possible NRE charges. 
  4. Development time & project timescales. 
  5. Annual quantity. 
  6. If we have any existing designs which can be adapted. 

This process is likely to take between 1-2 weeks for deep study before we are able to give an initial answer and in most cases, further technical discussions may be required. 

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will happily discuss them with you in more detail.