Cosel Europe is taking precautions to avoid staff infection.

Tuesday March 3, 2020

With the Covid-19 virus continuing to spread throughout Europe, Cosel Europe's Management have taken the decision to suspend all business travel & external meetings (unless critical) until further notice. The measures have been implemented for the safety and protection of the employees, their families and business partners/customers. 

Sales Director Nick Theodoris said "We have a duty of care not only to our employees, but to their families, our business partners and our customers. This measure , which might seem extreme to some, is a precautionary step given that we undertake a heavy amount of European and Global business travel. It of course does not prevent infection, but significantly reduces the risk ensuring that our business can continue to operate under the circumstances". 

The company has communicated the message to all employees in Cosel Europe for their own safety, many of whom can work from home offices in the event of an outbreak inside the company. All employees are taking the matter seriously as well as keeping informed of the situation in their countries/regions. 

"Business will continue as normal and in this modern era, we have the benefit of conducting many meetings by video link ensuring activities can continue. Our employees are our first priority, without them, our business cannot continue. With some members having small children and one who's partner is pregnant, we do not want to take any risks". 

So far the message has been greatly appreciated by both customers and business partners who admire & respect the company's decision to take the precaution. 

Covid 19