Cosel was born on 26th July 1969 making us 50 years old.

Friday July 26, 2019

Message from the Cosel President & CEO Mr M Tanikawa

Our company was founded exactly 50 years ago today, July 26, under its old name, ELCO Co., Ltd. Here, today, we are delighted to commemorate our 50th anniversary.  As well as the extraordinary efforts of our predecessors, starting with the founder,  Hisaharu Ame, that we have come this far is thanks to everyone involved, including our customers, dealers, suppliers, partner companies, and university professors, all of whom have supported and watched over us, occasionally with harsh advice, and have never abandoned us. For this, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you here for your hard work. I am sure it is the same for you, but on this momentous occasion of our 50th anniversary, I feel immense awe that I am a part of this company, while at the same time, it also feels quite sobering.

The environment surrounding businesses today is changing at a bewildering pace, and competition in technological innovation is also increasing.
The global rules of business, such as politics and the economy, trade, and technology, the rules of competition, and even the structure of business are on the verge of great change. However, the company has been buffeted by similar change numerous times before in its long history of 50 years.
Through all those years, we have remained united as a business that contributes to society under our management philosophy of “Live up to our reputation in society by a quality-first approach.”

The choice to specialize in the power supply business, particularly in the standard power supply business, has, it goes without saying, had a major effect on the formation of our business model. However, this alone would not have allowed us to continue for 50 years. It is also because of the other things we have treasured, namely: 

  • always thinking and acting from the customerʼs perspective and being trusted by our customers;
  • always continuing our efforts to elevate our technologies and skills and to make improvements; and
  • being considerate of others, valuing others, and engaging directly in the growth and development of our people.

There are probably other things, but at the very least, it is precisely because all of our employees have understood these values and continued to act based on these values that we have been able to record this history of 50 years.

In an era of rapid change, an era of diversity, an era in which making good, functional products is not enough to achieve sales, we must make our business model stronger, or add and build new business models.

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