VAR Partners

Cosel Europe works with a number of Value Add Partners, known commonly as VAR Partners. These companies work closely with Cosel to provide a complete & customised solution using a variety of power supplies from the Cosel range. Such solutions can include providing the full PCB assembly of PCB mounted power supply which includes all necessary external circuitry and filtering right the way through to full customised box build solutions for all industries including Rail, Military and Defence. 

The following Cosel approved companies offer VAR solutions for any customer in any industry anywhere in the world. 




Arrow Logo  

Arrow Electronics - Offices throughout the world - www.arrow.com

Arrow Electronics’ Power Solutions Team has many years experience helping organisations to meet their power needs. And Arrow’s close working relationships with leading power supply manufacturers enables our customers to get the best design input and support – whatever their level of requirement. Arrow’s dedicated European power solutions facilities are staffed and equipped to handle a wide range of support, from simple hardware additions to complex designs, and can accommodate production quantities from hundreds to several thousands of pieces. Arrow Electronics stocks all the key components necessary to create fully configured power supplies and assembles and tests them exactly as the manufacturers would. This ensures that Arrow products offer the same integrity and quality as those supplied directly by the manufacturer and can be subject to the same warranty conditions.


Fortec Elektronik AG - Head Office in Germany - www.fortecag.de

FORTEC Elektronik AG, founded in 1984, is a diversified technology company with more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of around 80 Million Euros. Two labs in Germany are busy developping custom tailored power supplies as well as configuring rapid prototypes based on standard products. They also support our customers with technical advice and assistance in product testing and certication. Our experienced sales team covers Central Europe and is connected to all relevant markets as there are industry, medical, transportation and communication. Our goal ist to reach a long lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and esteem which allows both parties to succeed and prosper.
For more information go to: www.emtron.de/services/konfigurationscenter

Die FORTEC Elektronik AG hat sich seit Ihrer Gründung 1984 zu einem Technologiekonzern mit heute über 250 Mitarbeitern und einem Jahresumsatz von ca. 80 Mio.€ entwickelt. Zwei Technolgie- und Fertigungsstätten in Deutschland entwickeln und produzieren kundenspezifische Stromversorgungslösungen, erstellen Prototypen und unterstützen unsere Kunden bei Evaluierung, Test und Serienstart. Unser flächendeckender Vertrieb betreut Kunden aus Industrie, Medizintechnik, Transport und Kommunikation. Wir streben langfristige Geschäftsbeziehungen auf der Basis von  Wertschätzung und gegenseitigem Vertrauen an, in die wir unsere Kompetenz und langjährige Erfahrung zum Nutzen unserer Kunden einbringen können.
Weitere Informationen unter: www.emtron.de/services/konfigurationscenter


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SPC Electronic - Head Office in Germany - www.spc-electronic.de

Beside the distribution of Cosel’s standard program, SPC Electronic GmbH  is also offering Value Added Services. By using AC/DC & DC/DC converters, modules and power supplies, we provide customized solutions in order to fulfill specific power requirements. According the customer‘s needs we extend, tune-up and/or modify the standard products, which includes also mechanical adjustments, or different connection options, etc. The final solution will offer the specific functionality, embedded into the necessary housing to fit perfectly into the customer’s application.

Neben dem Vertrieb sämtlicher Cosel Produkte bietet die SPC Electronic GmbH auch einen Value added Service an. Auf Basis der DC/DC Wandler oder auch der Netzgeräte wird dem Kunden eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung seiner Anforderung geboten. Die Basis dieser Lösungen stellen immer die Wandler oder Netzgeräte dar. Diese  werden entsprechend dem Kundenwunsch veredelt, also erweitert oder modifiziert. Auch Anpassungen der Mechanik oder der Steckverbinder sind möglich.  Die fertige Lösung beinhaltet dann die Funktionen die der Kunde wünscht, eingebettet in die erforderliche Mechanik.


Transpower Logo  

Transpower Applications Ltd - Head office in United Kingdom - www.transpower.uk.com

Transpower offers a full service to use Cosel power modules in an assembly suited to your project needs. We will work with users and engineers to design and manufacture a product able to fit within budgetary and size restraints. Operating within commercial and industrial safety and EMC regulatory limits, we will design a completed solution ready for production. Interfacing with customer engineering teams using 3D CAD models allows the finished product to be evaluated for fit before prototype stage. Manufacturing is supported by Cosel supplying the power modules and Transpower assembling all the supporting components. A warranty is provided on the complete system. Transpower can remove the power problems from your design allowing system designers to concentrate on their specialised areas.