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Product Modifications

At Cosel, we do not manufacture customised power solutions.

However, we very regularly carry out modifications on our existing products without huge minimum order quantities.

As there is no such thing as a standard modification, each request we receive is considered on a case by case basis. 




For Cosel to consider modifying an existing product, we look at:

  • The complexity of the modification - How easy or complex is the modification. Some modifications require little engineering time, whilst others need much longer. 
  • Is it possible or not - Cosel will determine whether or not the modification request is in fact technically possible to achieve or not. 
  • Safety Approvals - Some modifications which require us to change major/critical components will need a new safety certification which adds cost and time to the modification process. 
  • Is this a new modification for us - We carry out over 150 modifications each year and have successfully produced over 2500 modified solutions to date. If we have already successfully achieved the same or similar modifications for another product or customer, this will help us to make our final decision. 
  • The quantity - When considering modification requests, the quantity plays a big part in the final decision. We try to be as flexible as possible, but the minimum order quantity will usually depend on the other factors already mentioned. MOQ’s have been set as low as 50pcs and as high as 500pcs. 
  • Timescales - The timescales for the modification process also depend on the other factors mentioned. Simple modifications which require no safety certifications can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks. Others, which may need more evaluation and testing, can take as long as 6 months. 

The Cosel Modification Process:

  • Step 1:  A completed Cosel Modification Request Form must be completed by the customer and/or the Cosel official distribution partner. 
  • Step 2:  Once Cosel has received the completed modification request form, this will be evaluated by the Cosel Europe FAE Manager. This process will take up to 1 week if additional discussion is needed with the Cosel design team in Japan. 
  • Step 3:  An initial answer will be given:  A) Whether it is technically possible or not  B) Whether Cosel are happy to carry out the modification request
  • Step 4:  The Cosel Europe FAE Manager will submit an official modification request to the engineering team in Japan. 
  • Step 5:  Evaluation begins. The evaluation time of course depends on many of the factors already mentioned. This can be from 4 weeks to 3 months. 
  • Step 6:  Test samples will be built. Samples of the modified units will be built in Japan and shipped to Cosel Europe before being sent directly to the customer. The samples will be for customer testing/evaluation purposes only, not for production use and will carry no safety certifications. Test samples of up to 2pcs will be given free of charge. 

Examples of modifications:

  • Custom output voltage - An output voltage different to what the standard models offer. 
  • Pre-set output voltage - Have your exact output voltage requirement pre-set at the factory prior to delivery. 
  • Custom labels - Adding your own custom label in addition to or in place of the standard Cosel label. (Subject to approvals). 
  • Behaviour - Changing the behaviour of over voltage protection, over current protection and over temperature protection. 
  • Options - Adding more than 3 of the standard options to the model. 
  • Glue - Adding glue to the components to protect against shock and vibration. 
  • Alarms - Changing the behaviour of alarm circuits. 
  • Remote On/Off - Changing the logic of the remote on/off circuit. 
  • Fans - Changing the behaviour of the cooling fans such as fan speed based on load. 
  • Battery Charging - Changing the behviour of the over current protection circuit to be used in battery applications that require constant current. 
  • Standby Current - Adjusting the standby current to achieve lower power consumption at low loads. 
  • DC Input - Modifying the input voltage to meet low DC input voltage on AC-DC Power Supplies.


If you have any further questions about modifications, please contact a member of our technical support team on:  techsupport@coseleurope.eu