Cosel's approach to the new standard IEC 62368-1

Monday September 28, 2020

The below information provides the current update to Cosel's procedure to meet the new IEC 62368-1 standard:

IEC62368-1 is the new international safety standard for Audio/Video, information and communication technology equipment, which merges IEC60950-1 (safety standard for electrical equipment) and IEC60065-1 (safety standard for audio, video and similar equipment). IEC62368-1 Ed.2 was published in April 2014 and it has been adapted to EN standard in Europe and CSA/UL standard in North America.

DOW (Date of Withdrawal) of former standard IEC60950-1 and IEC60065 is 20th December 2020. Therefore our new developing products will acquire CB certificate, EN and CSA/UL certificate 62368-1.

The transition to the new safety standard of the existing mass-produced product is under this
process sequentially.

1. Transition to new safety standard 62368-1 in the existing mass-produced product

(1) EN certificate. The transition to EN62368-1 is scheduled to be completed by the DOW of EN60950-1,
20th December 2020, except any discontinued product. Our products have CE marking and CE marking will continue to be valid after DOW by the transition to EN62368-1.
DOW of EN60950-1 and EN60065 which is harmonized standard of EU directive (Low
voltage directive 2014/35/EU), is 20th December 2020.

(2) CSA/UL certificate. DOW of UL60950-1 and UL60065 is still pending and will be available after 21st
December 2020, therefore UL60950-1 certificate will continue to be valid.

(*1) When there is an update and revision in the certificate and acquired content, the certificate will be transferred to UL62368-1. (*2)

  • 1 UL announced that the effective date of UL62368-1 Ed.2 is from 20th December 2020, but DOW of former standard UL60950-1 and UL60065 is pending and will still be available. (The latest information as of August 2020)


  • 2 After 21st December 2020, UL60950-1 will remain valid, but the revision and new acquisition for UL60950-1 will be unavailable.

2. The treatment for shipped product IEC62368-1 Index 4.1.1 mentions that “components and subassemblies that comply with IEC60950-1 or IEC60065 are acceptable as part of equipment covered by this standard without further evaluation other than to give consideration to the appropriate use of the components or subassembly in the end-product.” (As well as the usage of components certified by 62368-1 to the certified application by 60950-1).

Accordingly, our shipped product which is certified by UL/EN60950-1 on the market is
acceptable to be used after 21st December 2020.

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