COSEL’s TUNS1200 Series as finalist in prestigious Electronics Industry Awards

Wednesday September 29, 2021

Cosel Co, Ltd (6905: Tokyo) today announced that its TUNS1200, 1.2 kW high power density, low profile, onboard AC/DC power module for industrial and medical applications has been selected by the Electronics Industry Awards voting panel as a finalist in the highly contested Power Product of the Year category.

Designed for worldwide applications, TUNS1200 power supplies have an input voltage range of 85VAC to 305VAC single phase, and conform to the safety standards input voltage range of 100-277 VAC (50/60Hz).

The TUNS1200 series embraces three output voltages versions: TUNS1200F12 (12V / 84A), TUNS1200F28 (28V / 43A) and the TUNS1200F48 (48V / 25A). Output voltage can be adjusted +/- 20% (-20% /+10% for the 48V) using the trimming pin, though the TUNS1200 series include an active Voltage Trimming input (VTRM) making it possible to adjust the output voltage down to zero by applying an external voltage source. Using the latest technology, the TUNS1200 has a power efficiency of 92% typical and a power factor of 0.98 at 100V.

“We are greatly honored that a COSEL power solution product we developed for demanding industrial and medical equipment has achieved finalist status in the Power Product of the Year category of the Electronics Industry Awards. It’s a strong signal that COSEL’s clever combination of the latest technology in power conversion with outstanding thermal management make the COSEL TUNS1200 a very important power solution for our customers engaged in industry modernization and the transition towards Industry 4.0.” said Tatsuo Yamamoto, COSEL’s US and European Business Units Executive Officer.

Optimized for conduction cooling, the TUNS1200 series can be operated within a temperature range of -40 to +100C baseplate, 20 - 95%RH (Non condensing). Depending on cooling and assembly method, a power derating may apply.

The units have a 3,000VAC input to output isolation voltage (2MOOP), 2,000VAC input to ground (1MOOP) and 500VAC output to ground. Overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection are included as standard.

Benefiting from a design optimized for conduction cooling, the TUNS1200 is suitable for applications requiring a silent power solution such as in a surgery room. Equally, it is suitable for industrial applications when forced air ventilation is impossible due to environmental constraints. Attached to a chassis or cold plate, the TUNS1200 can deliver impressive power with a high level of reliability.

The power supply complies with the RoHS directive and is CE marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive.


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