The Aeropsace & Defence market is one which is particularly strong throughout the world with many countries including USA, China and UK spending billions on defence every year. Many companies operate a strict ethical policy when it comes to Military applications and Cosel is oneof them. As a Japanese manufacturer, we do not support manufacturers of Arms or Weapons of Mass Destruction. Our focus is mostly related to defence applications such as:

  • Communications Equipment
  • Radar & Navigation
  • Defence Systems
  • Vehicles
  • and so on. 

Whilst many manufacturers of military equipment require military approvals, there are also a large number who prefer COTS solutions. In most cases, those who require specific military approvals, are usually custom designs which we have no problem in handling. In these kind of situations, it's very much a case by case basis so if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us for a deeper discussion. 

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Defence & Avioncs