About Cosel


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Our business

Cosel, established in Japan 1969, is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters. 

With quality, reliability & flexibility as our main focus, we pride ourselves on developing some of the highest quality and most reliable products seen anywhere in the world today. This has led to us achieving a PPM of just 30 - our products are built to last! 

I have been using Cosel products for over 20 years. My application requires the very best in terms of performance and reliability. With over 10,000 products in the field, I have used approximately 13,500 Cosel power supplies with 0% failure. Such quality and reliability is unrivalled and I design my products around the Cosel product range”

Today, Cosel is a $200m global company employing some 572 staff with sales offices throughout Japan, Asia, Europe and North America. Our product range is aimed mostly at demanding applications within the Industrial, Factory Automation, Medical, Telecoms, Lighting, Audio/Broadcast & Renewable Energy sectors. A flexible approach with full in-house design means we deliver products using the very latest technology meeting the growing demands of our customers. 

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Key Points:

  • AC - DC Power Supplies - 3W to 10kW
  • DC - DC Converters - 1.5W to 700W
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Competitive manufacturing lead times               
  • Global sales support
  • Local franchised distribution partners
  • Global stocking distributors
  • Value Add Solutions & Partners
  • Outstanding customer design-in support
  • Globally recognised safety certifications
  • Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands



Company History

1969:  The company was founded as ELCO Co.Ltd (with 2.5million JPY capital). ELCO stood for “Electronics & Control” within electronic devices
1970:  Tokyo sales office is opened
1973:  The company builds a steel framed 2 story 607m² Head Office in the Toyama prefecture
1977:  Osaka sales office opened
1978:  Business focuses on developing power supplies
1980:  The company acquires land surrounding the Head Office (5502m²) and begins to build a 3 story steel framed plant (2723m²)
1982:  TQC (Total Quality Control) System is introduced
1985:  Tama sales office is opened
1988:  Introduced Toyota manufacturing methods and processes
1989:  Tateyama Manufacturing plant is completed
1990:  USA sales office is opened (known today as Cosel USA Inc in San Jose, California) and Kyoto sales office is opened
1992:  Company name changes from ELCO Co.Ltd to COSEL Co.Ltd - the name standing for:  Co-operation Systems Electronics Liveliness
                 The verb “Cosu” in Japanese means “to go beyond” so therefore, to go beyond the original ELCO Co.Ltd
1993:  The company achieves ISO9001 related to quality control and quality assurance
1994:  Shares in the company are listed achieving 2billion JPY in capital
1997:  Cosel Europe GmbH sales office is opened in Germany
1998:  Cosel Asia Ltd sales office is opened in Hong Kong
1999:  Shares listed on the Tokyo & Nagoya stock exchange - Division 2
1999:  The company achieves ISO14001 related to environmental activities
2000:  Shares listed on the Tokyo & Nagoya stock exchange - Division 1
2002:  The Head Office is extended to 3842m² and Cosel Shanghai Electronics Co.Ltd sales office is opened
2006:  Completed ROHS compliance
2007:  Tateyama manufacturing facility extended to 5259m²
2011:  Shanghai Cosel International Trading Co.Ltd is opened as an export facility in China
2013:  Kyoto and Kobe sales office merge with Osaka sales office
2015:  Cosel Vietnam Co.Ltd is completed as a transformer manufacturing subsidiary
2018:  Cosel acquires The Powerbox Group on 25th June 2018.

Message from the President

Tanikawa 2  

“Since its foundation in 1969, COSEL has continued to work hard to ensure that its customers are always pleased with its products and services. We prioritize technical development and are proud of our reputation as a founding member of today’s dedicated power supply manufacturing industry, which has come about as a result of our unique R&D activities, as well as being a leader within the power electronics world. We are grateful to all those in various industries that have supported our growth in so many ways.”

“Nowadays, COSEL is moving into a new stage of its history. Based on our Management Philosophy of “Living up to our reputation in society by a quality-first approach,” we are working even harder in our aim to create new value and develop new technology in order to manufacture products and services that will be loved by our customers all over the world.”

“We believe in the unlimited ability of people and aim to be a company where each of our employees can accurately judge the situation in which he/she finds him/herself and continue to take up the challenges presented.”

“I look forward to working with you in the future.”